Security with Integrity, Professionalism, Precision, and Knowledge


We strongly believe that customer service is paramount to a good working relationship with our clientele and

the general public. Therefore, our agents receive extensive oversight and training in this area as well as others.

Customer service is at the forefront of what we do.  It's simple:  Deal with others the way you want to be dealt with.


We customize our plans and approach to fit each client's specific needs and the circumstances they'll be in.  It's

important that the presence of our agents be transparent to the daily functioning and safety of our clients.  We know

when to be visible and when to be a discreet presence in public or private settings. Our expertise with various security situations means that we're prepared to dictate when you need armed vs unarmed agents, or uniformed vs. plain-clothes agents.  Either way, the level of protection is always HIGH.


We know how to prepare our team properly for any type of situation.  EPS truly operates as a cohesive team, and

each member is a professionally trained part of the equation. We believe that we are only as strong as our weakest

link from a personnel perspective.  It is our opinion that a company's strength is not only based upon the ownership

and management but also its personnel.  Our staff and agents are the people we rely upon everyday and every

job to operate and carry out our core objectives. We have an extensive amount of collective security experience

gained from backgrounds in military, law enforcement and private security.  We have international and national

experience with both private and corporate clients from the fields of politics and business to entertainment

and sports.  Our agents continuously train in all aspects of security as a team, from personal protection details to

firearms, CPR/First aid and specialty facility training.  All of our agents are licensed and go through comprehensive

internal screening and background checks.


Chris's background includes being a police officer for a major Southern California City Police Department for 5 years. He left the PD to focus on his security company operation as it grew and required more of his attention.  He has worked with private security companies nationally and internationally.  Chris has managed a variety of services ranging from cargo technology security to large event venues requiring 200+ security personnel.  He also provides Close Protection for Politicians, Foreign National Royals, Foreign Diplomats, Fortune 500 Executives and Companies, celebrities and professional athletes.  He holds

a B.A. in Sociology from California State University, Chico and received an Honorable Discharge from the US Navy.

Chris Eschrich is the owner and President of Executive Protection Services, Inc. in Las Vegas, NV and Secure Options Group, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA.  He started EPS, Inc. in 2005 and SOG, Inc. in 2009.  He is closely involved with in the daily business operations as well as overseeing security projects.  His background and training provides a wealth of experience and understanding of threats on many levels, from Close Protection to High Risk Environments. Chris worked as a Department of Defense private security contractor in Iraq on projects ranging from training, force protection to site vulnerability assessments and site hardening.



Who We Are

Chris Eschrich:  President


Some of our other core management team wish to remain anonymous due to their current work status with the US Government in multiple intelligence and security related capacities.  These individuals have many years of combined experience in military, military special operations, government contracting, law enforcement and private security.  They are a well rounded group of persons with a high set of standards and real world experience.  These individuals have all held a variety of positions in

their chain of command and have all worked and continue to work in some of the most austere and high threat level

locations around the world.


Close personal protection to Corporate Executives, Celebrity Personalities and other private individuals and their families continues to

 be our core focus as it has been since our inception in 2005.  We have a unique ability to arrange all logistical needs in conjunction with protective needs while being transparent to the daily functioning of our clients.  We also have the ability to provide professionally trained

EP Drivers and Counter Surveillance teams in conjunction with a mobile EP team.


Estate Security can be more than securing persons and property.  We have extensive experience in providing a holistic approach to estate security which entails a thorough assessment of physical vulnerability of a property, its owners / tenants, and employees who work on the estate.  We can assess the current technology used in conjunction with any physical security personnel, and provide recommendations for technology and other needs.  We continually keep in mind the importance of transparency to the daily functioning of our clients.

Our estate security team will also have the capability to accommodate your travel globally, and arrange all of your travel logistics from transportation to on-the-ground threat analysis and emergency preparedness.  This can be done with our mobile Executive Protection Teams

or through liaison with our other security assets.  This can include contract companies nationally and internationally to ensure seamless coverage.  We can also accommodate any and all of your family, corporate, philanthropic security coverage needs, providing

a complete canopy of security for all of your interests.


No matter the size of the venue or the number of attendees we understand that your guests and staff need to feel safe and secure no matter what the occasion.  We cover any type of special event such as a concert, convention, board of directors/shareholders meeting, corporate function, award show, etc.  We will conduct a threat and vulnerability assessment in accordance with your directive and provide secured but fluid access control, vehicle access and exit control.  We also provide close protection for specific persons and designated areas of interest.  Other applications we can include for maximum security are metal detectors, bomb-sniffing dogs and other specialized optional security systems.

A well managed and organized security assessment and plan makes for a successful event.



We provide protection for property in transit or at a stationary location for items such as high net worth jewelry, cash, precious metals, automobiles, intellectual property, and collectibles of any sort. Our Agents understand that at times discretion is key to keeping a low

profile, especially if transporting jewelry.  We understand that knowing the surroundings and conducting counter surveillance is

paramount for a safe transfer of goods.

We also understand that intellectual property such as a new video game has certain release dates and this type of property cannot leak

to the public or its competition until that pre-determined time, as early exposure could undermine the marketing agenda and have multiple negative effects on the company.



Consulting is assessing, proposing and executing.  Services can include a complete assessment of your security needs, providing actual proposals for security or providing a third party assessment of existing or proposed systems.  A second opinion is sometimes the best advice we can provide to a client.  Whether you decide to execute will be your decision but we provide you the right tools to make an informed decision.


We can provide access control to gated communities, open access communities and home owner's associations.  We can also provide

vehicle patrol and response services to all three of these community scenarios.  Bicycle patrols are also available depending on the size

of the area you wish patrolled.  We also have the ability to patrol commercial business parks and similar properties.

High Risk Environment Security


Who We Are

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What We Do

EPS’s high risk protective security services enable our clientele to start up or continue

their operations in high risk austere or urban environments.


Our security analysis on behalf of our clientele is based on their needs agenda and

how we can accomplish it in a safe and cost effective manner.



Mobile Security

Our mobile security teams enable our clients to move effectively and safely in high risk environments.  Teams are led and staffed by experienced western security personnel. We regularly work with local and third country nationals to supplement our security coverage. And key to it all is

providing clients up-to-date intelligence of the areas of operation and route analysis, as well as contingency planning should an incident arise.


Static Security

A safe and secure work environment is key to our client’s peace of mind and productivity. This is especially true when these work sites are

viewed as targets of opportunity by outside elements.  Our security solutions are based on a comprehensive analysis of specific site threats and

vulnerabilities. Perimeter security is ensured with implementation of proper staffing strategies, from site supervisors to entry control point guards

and tower guards.  We integrate static, mobile and technology-based security elements in our protocols.   We ensure optimal effectiveness by

routinely reviewing our protocols in line with often rapidly changing conditions.


Convoy Protection

We can provide convoy security and general movement management for cargo of any sort while being transported between locations. We provide

all equipment and services to support the specific requirement of the client. We have the ability to provide security convoy services to remote

locations while advancing route security.  Communications are imperative during these movements and we will ensure continuity.


Just about anything can happen, any time, anywhere...unless you're prepared.

We plan for the worst so that you can expect the best.



EPS, Inc. is based in Las Vegas, NV providing services, on-site security consulting for executive clients, corporations and independent parties.



We look forward to assisting with all your security needs.

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